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Information for Home School Districts

Arrival and Dismissal

Students should arrive by approximately 7:45 AM, with classes beginning at 8:05 AM. Students are dismissed at 1:34 PM on typical days and are able to depart to home schools to participate in electives or afterschool activities.

EMIS Coordination

EMIS-related reporting of students is done by the home district.

DASL/Progress Book

The academy maintains student progress records in its own instance of Progress Book. Schools can contact the academy at any time for report on student progress, particularly for the purpose of college admissions. Requests for student progress are generally directed to our IB Coordinator, Victoria Birk or Administrative Assistant, Debbie Stoler.  At the year’s end, home districts will receive a final grade card for each student including attendance from the academy for reporting purposes.

Graduation Eligibility

Guidance Counselor/IB Coordinator works with home school guidance offices to ensure that students meet the necessary eligibility requirements in order to graduate from the home school.

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